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Awnings – Aluminium pergola systems – Clear PVC screens – Awning systems.

TENTOEXPRESS was founded in 1974 in Thessaloniki, Greece, and its professional activity has since then focused on the manufacture and installation of all types of awning and shading systems.

Since 1985, TENTOEXPRESS has also been manufacturing aluminium and iron awning arms, as well as other awning spare parts.

In 2014, pergola-awning systems were added to the SUNRAIN systems series, manufactured from scratch in the TENTOEXPRESS factory in Neo Rysio, Thessaloniki. Pergola-awning systems started to be exported by means of TENTOEXPRESS representatives across Greece and Europe.

Currently, the following products are available for wholesale or retail distribution:

On account of its reliability and consistency, TENTOEXPRESS is the representative of the most renowned firms in the field of shading systems, such as Swela (German awning fabrics), NYFAN TENCATE (Dutch awning fabrics) and Marlon awning fabrics.

Our company is a vertically integrated firm, staffed with experienced professionals, and our establishments involve a privately owned property equipped with modern, latest-technology equipment.

Our work philosophy and experience renders our firm one of the few productive units in this professional field.

We offer top quality products at the most competitive prices on the shading system market.

We would be more than happy to have you visit our establishments and provide you with the opportunity to find out more about our potential.

In addition to that, we are always available for a visit to your space, in order to present you with samples of our work, and provide you with ideas and solutions concerning awnings and shading systems, as well as colours and designs that could add to the aesthetic value of your balcony, patio or garden, based on our long-term professional expertise.

Within the scope of a potential future cooperation, we promise full commitment, fast service, and top quality, at the best possible prices and the most irresistible offers.

Always with the TENTOEXPRESS golden guarantee.

At the 19thkm on the Thessaloniki-Moudania highway, in the area of the bridge of N. Rysio, top quality awing gear, arms, and various awning accessories are manufactured in our production unit. Additionally, our facilities include a fully equipped workshop for the welding and seaming of awning fabrics and tarpaulins.

Simultaneously, for your convenience and easy access, you can find our products exhibited at our store located near the center of Thessaloniki, at 121 K. Karamanli street (former Nea Egnatia street).

Nea Poteidaia, Chalkidiki (Nea Poteidaia bridge)

Thanks to our customers’ trust and support, TENTOEXPRESS services, including both wholesale and retail distribution of our products, have reached an even larger number of satisfied clients.

Apart from the manufacture and installation of awning systems for domestic and professional uses, the product range of TENTOEXPRESS also extends to a wide variety of outdoor furniture pieces.

Get in touch with our associates all over Greece! (Alexandroupoli, Kozani, Serres, Drama, Kavala, Athens, Katerini, Edessa, Larissa) Contact us for more information.



19km National Road Thessaloniki – Moudania

Tel. 2392072333

AM 14417630600

VAT 800888729

Director :  Maria Koukoureli