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Pergola systems

Pergola systems – Patio constructions – Fixed or retractable

Tentoexpress, based in Thessaloniki, offers a series of pergola systems expanding your balcony and garden areas. Pergola roofing protects you from sun or rain, providing you with unique moments of comfort and relaxation. Professionals are finally provided with a solution, complying with the respective regulations, as to the protection of their professional spaces. (coffeehouses, restaurants, hotels). In parallel, outdoor/patio heating solutions can be implemented for the creation of a warm and comfortable environment. Elegant, available in large sizes, and with an aluminum or wood finish option, our pergola systems are the answer when an efficient and all year long protection of outdoor spaces is required. In addition to that, by means of the implementation of transparent side panels for the enclosure of your space, cassette systems with transparent covering material or versatile outdoor glass systems, you can expand you professional or domestic spaces.

The use of pergola systems aims at maximum outdoor comfort in terms of temperature, lighting and ventilation. These constructions make this possible allowing natural lighting and air flow, while offering protection against adverse weather, such as heavy rainfall or strong winds. A totally impermeable outdoor space is thus created, offering for an all year long enjoyment, regardless of the weather conditions.

All products are of our manufacture and are available for wholesale or retail sale across world.