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SunRain Pergola systems

Retractable aluminium pergola systems – Thessaloniki

Aluminium Sunrain pergola systems offer a solution as to the protection of outdoor spaces, for both professional and domestic use, complying with the respective regulations. Our pergola systems offer various options as to the support mechanisms used, in accordance with the requirements or limitations applying in the outdoor area in question.

The first and most common option is a pergola system supported by means of posts, coming with a built-in gutter, resilient against all forces exerted.
A second option is the wall-mounted, hanging pergola system without post support. In case you choose in favor of this option, our company has many support solutions to suggest, including iron or stainless steel – inox overhead brackets, wire rope support or other means of support of your choice. Hanging pergola systems are ideal when a system guaranteeing maximum stability is required, but implementation of vertical support columns is not possible. Then, aluminium pergola systems can replace common awning systems, as they retain awning system features, while also functioning as shelter structures.

The third most common option is patio cover structures. Glass patio or similar constructions require protection against the sun. Aluminium pergola systems can function as shading systems, combining efficiency and endurance.