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Shading systems

 Shading systems and awnings

Awnings are shading products largely consolidated within Greek conventional architecture. This is why at TENTOEXPRESS production unit in Thessaloniki, we manufacture all types of awnings and even more! Come to us with any type of shading system you may set your mind to! All our products meet the EU requirements and are CE-certified.
All awning systems feature their own individual characteristics providing solutions for any situation.

In cassette awning systems, the awning is encompassed within the cassette when the system is retracted, offering the perfect combination of fabric protection, elegance and endurance. Shading systems with vertical extension (vertical awnings) ensure protection against sun, air and rainy conditions. Double-sided awning constructions offer large area shading, solely by means of the central support poles. Traditional-type strut awnings are ideal for large spaces (e.g. terraces, rooftops) offering a cost-efficient shading option, while guaranteeing maximum endurance against all weather conditions. The most widespread shading system is awnings with arms, very commonly seen in Thessaloniki. Heavy duty arms can be used, providing up to 90 square meters coverage.

All products are of our manufacture and are available for wholesale and retail distribution across world.