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Awnings with arms

Awnings – Thessaloniki

One of the products occupying a large share of the Greek market is awning systems. An awning is a wall-mounted construction, constituted of a fabric material and metal folding supporting parts (arms), offering protection against sun and rain. Awnings with arms are very widespread in Thessaloniki, commonly seen in balconies, given that they can easily be installed with minimum space intervention. Our awning systems are certified by German standards to comply with the highest safety indicators.
We use primary aluminium casting alloys, free from impurities stemming from the use of other recyclable materials, which may be economical, but do not meet the endurance and safety standards we have set. Thus, our company offers our clients a 5-year proper operation warranty, and that is what makes our products differ in terms of quality from those of other firms in the field of shading systems.

The fabrics we use are a selection of top quality materials from the best European firms, TenCate, Marlon, Dickson, Swela, in a vast array of colours and patterns.

For awnings in Thessaloniki and rest of Greece the solution is one, TENTOEXPRESS. Our experienced professionals and our desire for continuous development is what makes our firm stand out!
All products are of our manufacture and are available for wholesale or retail distribution across Greece.