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Retractable aluminium ATLAS pergola system


Retractable aluminium pergola systems have been evolved year by year, by means of a series of trials and tests. They are the evolution of strut awnings and their function is based on load distribution by means of the aluminium frame.

The material used as cover usually is a type of triple-layered tarpaulin. The pergola system is simple in its conception, but particularly complex in its construction and installation. It consists of a supporting basis, a front bar and guide tracks forming the upper part of the construction, which, in combination with a very sturdy tarpaulin material, offers the coverage desirable. Load is transferred from the upper pergola part to the ground by means of an in-built draining system connecting the columns, and columns, in turn, offer the overall support needed to the system. Rainwater is drained through the integrated gutter system and channeled to a designated disposal point. In this way, concentrated and forceful flow of rainwater on the front part of the construction is avoided.


Retractable aluminium pergola systems can be combined with versatile glass systems and clear PVC screens for maximum protection of your spaces. By implementing infrared-technology heating devices or air-conditioning systems you can create a brand new living space.


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Συχνές ερωτήσεις

The energy crisis, the global warming effect and, in general, the vast number of ecological concerns having been raised, have all rendered compliance with the principles of bioclimatic architecture a need more pressing than ever. In the field of shading and solar protection systems, the bioclimatic SUNrain pergola systems offer the most innovative and effective solution. They guarantee significant electrical energy saving, while at the same time, their construction and function are in perfect alignment with the demands of bioclimatic architecture, as well as with any type of architectural design, meeting both functionality needs and stylistic standards.

The installation of a pergola system aims at maximum outdoors comfort in terms of temperature, lighting and ventilation, as wind and sun management is facilitated. In addition to that, the pergola structure ensures protection against heavy rainfall and strong winds, creating a perfectly watertight exterior environment to be enjoyed all year long, regardless of season and weather conditions.


Tentoexpress pergola systems are the most recent and innovative products in the field of bioclimatic shading of building facades, manufactured always with respect towards human and the environment, while at the same time guaranteeing maximum lifespan. SUNrain pergola systems are manufactured from scratch in the Tentoexpress production unit, strictly in compliance with ISO 9001 certification standards.

Sunrain pergola-awning systems manufactured by Tentoexpress are CE-marked and certified to meet the requirements of wind resistance class 6, corresponding to Beaufort wind force scale 11.