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Versatile glass systems


Versatile glass systems is a flexible way to utilize your spaces to their full potential, either by means of a perimeter building coverage or by means of creating autonomous interior spaces. Cutting-edge material technology and installation techniques offer the possibility of utilization of your spaces all year long, since they provide protection from climatic conditions, while combining, at the same time, style and sophistication. In this way, you can achieve larger area usage or provide your clients with a clear exterior view.

Our new unique <strong>versatile glass systems</strong> come with the LED lighting implementation option. The most recent lighting technology is now available for you to create spaces of unique style, by means of top quality installations. Our systems are supported by a complete series of mechanisms and accessories certified to meet the highest standards. Yet another innovation is the (kit) standardization allowing the systems’ easy and fast installation by any crew.


The benefits of versatile glass systems


  • Dynamic design meeting high aesthetic criteria
  • Excellent construction quality
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Wide variety in construction typology
  • Electrostatic coating with RAL colours of your preference
  • Anodizing in colours of your preference
  • SECURIT safety glass
  • Possibility of building glass hanging doors