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Vertical cassette system


Vertical cassette system

Vertical cassette system are energy saving systems suitable for residences and professional spaces.

Vertical cassette systems with lateral guide tracks and transparent windscreens.

The use of transparent sheets allows access to exterior view while at the same time protecting from rain and wind.

This product consists of the cassette system, which encompasses and keeps the transparent windshield when wrapped, and the lateral guide tracks with brush seals offering anti-wind protection and friction-free contact between the windshield sheets and aluminium frames.

Maximum dimensions possible: 4.00 x 3.00

Main axis system is of 70mm diameter and 1.5mm thick.

The cassette and guide tracks are made of aluminium with an electrostatic coating.

Other colours are available upon request.

Sealing is possible by means of two small inox bars on both sides of the guide tracks.

It should be noted that if your windshield system gets sealed in the way described above, it is necessary that Sunea Io motor system be used, which, when substantial resistance is encountered, stops immediately closing of the windshields. It also comes with internet control option upon request.

Windshield transparent cassette systems provide an energy saving solution for residences and professional spaces.

An alternative solution is plain transparent windshield sheets, simple and easy installations for sealing spaces such as balconies, patios and gardens. Create room, save energy, protect your space against wind and cold with our windshield awning systems.

Enjoy your outdoor spaces all year long thanks to our windshield awnings!

Transparent windshield awnings are an ideal solution for areas requiring protection from wind and rain. The awnings’ transparent material allows natural lighting and prevents wind inflow.


Frequently asked questions

Windshield awnings manufactured by TENTOEXPRESS are tested under the most adverse conditions and are certified to meet the ELOT (Greek National Standards) ΕΝ 13561 / ΕΝ 1932 requirements. They are CE-marked and classified in the highest by European standards wind resistance class 3 (Beaufort 6).