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Quality policy

TENTOEXPRESS is renowned for producing and marketing high quality products.

The main policy of TENTOEXPRESS involves the implementation and maintenance of high standards, ensuring that the products manufactured satisfy its customers’ expectations and requirements, while complying, at the same time, with the respective Greek and EU guidelines set.

Our firm’s goals include our continuous improvement resulting in our customers’ satisfaction as well as in the maximum efficiency and productivity of our manufacturing processes.

Through the achievement of these goals, we seek to ensure that our customers will always be provided with products meeting high quality standards, so that we will keep enjoying their trust.

In order for TENTOEXPRESS to achieve the above goals and prove its commitment to quality, we have decided the implementation of a quality model meeting the globally acceptable Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 requirements.

TENTOEXPRESS maintains control and consistency in quality by means of the careful selection of raw materials, the scrupulous choice of providers and the continuing training of its staff members.In order for a continuous performance improvement to be attainable, each member of the company should always be aiming at carrying out their task in the most efficient manner possible within their abilities, while at the same time complying with the pre-defined procedures. Our firm’s interest in continuous improvement requires that our employees are encouraged to make their suggestions as to possible improvements, putting them forward to their direct managers. Every employee is an integral part of the quality chain and is indispensable in ensuring the quality management system implementation.

The General Manager

December 2014

Koukourelis Ioannis