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Vertical systems

Vertical systems – wind protection solutions

Our firm, based in Thessaloniki, manufactures wind protection systems since 1980, using crystal clear PVC as the main material. Thus we provide clear PVC screens/enclosures in a wide range of applications.

This material, due to its softness and versatility, is used in the protection of spaces and can be installed in the form of various constructions. It is an insulation material, thanks to which the temperature of a space may be increased up to 7 °C. If implemented in a system involving a cylindrical tube with manual gear and hooks, it results in a lightweight construction that can easily be installed in various spaces. When used in a cassette system, it provides an alternative ensuring high impermeability, without the need for further space intervention or extra accessories. As a third option, clear PVC panels can be attached upon fixed framing, in colours and shapes of your preference, providing solutions for professional spaces.
Clear PVC enclosure solutions allow for warm air to be trapped within our spaces, in a cost efficient-way, abiding by urban planning regulations. Vertical systems can be installed on almost every space without any particular requirements or need for modifications.

All products are of our manufacture and are available for wholesale or retail distribution across world.