Aluminum pergolas with support

We use aluminum pergolas with support in any professional or non-professional space depending on the degree of difficulty and the urban planning requirements. The SUNRAIN systems folding aluminum pergolas hanging awnings are the solution in places where we do not have the possibility of supporting them with columns. They are perfectly legal because they are aerial. They work like awnings but behave like roofs because they protect us without significant weather restrictions.

Their support varies depending on the particularities of the mounting part and the requirements of each customer. Stainless steel cables, square cross-section pipes or even support scissors can be used.

Πέργκολα κρεμαστή με αντιστήριξη.
Τέντα πέργκολα με αντιστήριξη

• Guide section 60 x 130 mm
• Column cross-section 100 x 100 mm
• Structure made entirely of aluminum and stainless steel
• Large coverage area
• Projection up to 7 meters
• Low construction weight
• Column selection for water drainage
• Total coverage up to 100 sq.m.

Take advantage of an outdoor living area all year round and enjoy the convenience, safety and protection offered by SUNRAIN systems.


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img_24 Browse 360Oo environment to see the pergola in real space